Not just a JPEG. It’s an experience.

Zodiac NFT

Join the first ever NFT project that not only features amazing art, but also includes narrative and effects, creating an experience that leaves the spectator breathless. Zodiac NFT owners “co-own” the MetaMuseum and Auction House, which will bring long-term revenue shares to our community and supporters.

Zodiac Roadmap

Be a part of history and get paid


Zodiac NFT owners enjoy benefits and rewards for holding onto their NFTs. While the MetaMuseum and Auction House bring long-term income to owners, the Zodiac NFT community will also enjoy other community benefits such as early exclusive access to other NFT drops, free access to the MetaMuseum galleries, and more…

Resale for profits - Feel free to resell your NFT for profits.
Free access to 3D Experience - Free access to any of our online or in-person 3D Experiences.
Profit share in Museum and Auction House Revenue - All revenue will be shared with community and NFT holders.
Whitelist or early access for future drops of ours and our partner collections. Random Airdrops and other benefits.

The Zodiac Kings & Soldiers

They were born from the dark, expelled from the final lights of the stars that burned out, returning to the cosmic blanket of oblivion.

On the dawn of Sept 22 in the year 2021, our earth silently fractured, causing a ripple in all of space and time for a fleeting moment.

Our Mother— the Earth— temporarily healed herself during the Autumnal Equinox that took place that day at exactly 19:21 UTC as the sun and the Celestial Equator lined up in perfect synchrony.

127 Blood Moons later, in the year 2148, the celestial heavens elected to suspend the light, slowly drawing our world to darkness, one candlelit star at a time.

It was then the 12 Zodiac Kings were sent forth to bring calm to the world that had rapidly fallen into chaos after each of the 5 pandemic plagues.

These plagues had been predicted in the Jupiter Scrolls. Written by Jupiter Dragonos the prophet of Apollo, the light-bearer of Luna.

The books were discovered once the eastern side of the great mountain crumbled to the sea, exposing an opening no longer guarded. A doorway no longer protected.

These Jupiter scrolls contain the key to man’s deliverance from darkness, the liberation to the light.

But now, they have been hidden by a force the thrives on our extinction. They are concealed in the deepest and darkest corners of our world, which grow dimmer each passing day.

It is the 12 Zodiac Kings and their Zodiac Soldiers that hunt with men to recover the scrolls, to bring light back to our world of torment and darkness.

Those that choose to battle shoulder to shoulder with the Zodiac Soldiers, for you are the brothers and sisters of the sun, the militia of the moon, the Spirit Warriors of the Zodiac.

For it is time to discover our destiny which shall bring back the light before the infinite eclipse of our world.

Are you ready to battle for our survival, are you ready to join forces as warriors of the light? Follow us to redemption from the dark.

For we are the Zodiac Soldiers, and these are our Kings.

Meet the team


Robert V. Nava

Launch Manager

Robert is a successful startup entrepreneur who has founded several million and multimillion dollar companies. Most notable for his ecommerce success on the Shopify platform, Robert says that his business sales and marketing expertise has been the key.
When he’s not working on an exciting project, Robert will most likely be found hanging out with his wife and kids.


George Lamburn

Marketing Manager

For the last 5 years George has helped B2C and D2C startups and scaleups achieve 10x YOY growth. He has spent the previous 12 months helping some of Silicon Valley's, New York's and London's fastest growing VC-backed Seed-Series D tech startups and scaleups build and grow their marketing, sales, customer success and product teams. He is also the Co-Founder of Rokkup, an EdTech startup operating out of Africa. George is responsible for ensuring that Zodiac's marketing is best-in-class.


Isaac Martinez

3D Artist

Isaac’s passions are art and his beautiful family. In addition to being a father of two girls and a husband, art is something Isaac lives and breathes each and every day. He picked up sculpting only 3 years ago and hasn't stopped since. Isaac uses his art to express the depths of one's soul, and hopes that people can cherish, admire, or even feel amazement when they see it.
“I want to produce art that lasts... art that you can be proud to own... art that speaks to you.”


Craig Brower

Creative Storyteller

Craig has always loved to tell a good story. From the time he was a little kid he’d share stories with anyone that would listen. He believes writing is a way to capture people for a moment to travel within a world of words. When he’s not in the process of putting pen to paper, he enjoys being with his wife and 2 daughters, hanging out with friends, playing guitar and studying business, marketing, and of course...the art of writing.


Chris Champagne

Technical Assistant

Chris has extensive experience developing system protocols while supporting some of the largest entertainment companies including Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network as well as Fox Sports West. While technology is Chris's bread and butter, showing the world the latest developments in VR technologies, specifically the birth of the metaverse, is what excites him the most.


Jason Ledbetter

Web Developer

Jason is the CEO of a successful marketing and software company, has developed software, SAAS, and marketing tools for the past decade, and was the director of a 150,000,000 eCom and affiliate marketing company.


Kaleb Phillips

Blockchain Developer and Advisor

Kaleb is a coding genius who is best described as “1010101010”. Being involved in the startup tech industry for over a decade, Kaleb has vast experience creating technologies that can be relied on from the start. Most recently, Kaleb has written the code for several well known NFT projects, including sLoot and NeoTokyo, just to name a couple. Having Kaleb on the Zodiac NFT team will ensure that our minting process runs smooth without interruptions.



Community Manager

Amanda has a wide range of experience in sales, marketing and community building through social media platforms. Formally trained in Science, her analytic and logic-driven approach to e-commerce has given her a dynamic edge in the industry. Amanda is a leader at heart; her fairness and enthusiasm allow her to efficiently communicate and co-ordinate at scale.



Media Buyer

Kenny is the Founder of Combatant, a marketing partner for DTC Brands. He's led and executed digital strategies that have generated over $25M in revenue throughout his career. He’s fascinated about Web 3.0 and is passionate about contributing to this major digital transition.



Executive Assistant

Stephanie's passion is driven by helping others. Her expertise for 15+ years has been in e-commerce and assisting multiple million-dollar companies create adaptability, communication, and organization. Her focus is on team success, intention, and structure. She believes that if you find career in something that you are passionate about, you will never work a day in your life. She enjoys spending time with her 3 sons, is a culinary enthusiast, and an avid learner of self-growth.


Jessica Edmisten

Social Media Manager

Community driven, Jess is all about organic growth. With an emphasis on psychology-driven organic marketing strategies, she knows how to authentically connect to our community while simultaneously operating the analytical algorithms. Her passion for marketing analytics, the evolving metaverse space, and legitimate connections all come together to make for a perfect social media management concoction. She has worked for several social media marketing campaigns including Disney on Ice, 7 Springs Mountain Resort, and more.


Papa O

Papa O has 1 goal and 1 goal only…
Serve – Care – Inspire every individual he meets.
An Entrepreneur, Live Streaming Expert, International Speaker, and Investor Papa O is quickly rising in the Crypto/NFT space using his 15 years of Live Streaming Success. When you want to know what is happening with the Meta Museum and The Zodiac NFT just catch one of the many LIVE’s Papa O does everyday on Twitter, Facebook and our Discord Server.



Travis Petelle

Project Manager

Travis Petelle is a entrepreneur and investor who started his journey building businesses over a decade ago. Starting off in the e-commerce and Web 2.0 space, Travis found his true love when he discovered Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. Now, his focus is on expanding this digital world as well as helping bring about mass adoption providing helpful tools and projects for both the collector and the everyday internet user.

Join us and be part of something big

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Frequently Asked Questions

Launch date is to be determined. Make sure to join the Discord and follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements.


Mint price tbd; the Zodiac interactive NFTs will be exceptional value for money.

You can read more about our plan by heading over to the Roadmap section on this website, or reading our Whitepaper.

Of course. The technology has existed for years and is reliable. We’re just being creative to do something new that hasn’t been done before. And it will happen fast.

Click the 'Team' section on our website, or simply scroll up. The Zodiac team is one of the most experienced and versatile teams in the NFT space, with several multi million dollar launches under their belt both inside and outside of the NFT space.

The best thing is to join our Discord to keep up to date with our progress, and make sure to get involved in our giveaways and competitions, too. Join our Discord here.

There will be 12 Doorkeepers, around 25 Hand-Created Super Rares, and 9,324 Computer Randomized NFTs.